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Visual Matrix is a calculator for matrix operations and matrix decompositions
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The Visual Matrix application is an easy-to-use matrix calculator that can be used to perform basic operations including +, -, .*, *, determinant, inverse and rank etc. However, you can also use this calculator to implement matrix decomposition. The program's single-window interface presents three sections; one for selecting and entering operations, one for matrix row, column and constant values, and a third section to display results.

Basic operations can be carried out by selecting a task in the Operation frame and inputting matrix A into the Matrix A grid, and matrix B into the Matrix B grid. If necessary, you can also put a value into the Constant field. Clicking on the 'Compute' button in the menu bar will display the results in the Results grid immediately. To solve systems of linear equations, or to calculate the determinant of numerical analysis, the program can implement LU decomposition or QR decomposition. Implementing decomposition is simply a matter of selecting an item in the Decomposition combo box and inputting matrix A in the Matrix A grid box. Again, clicking the 'Compute' menu will display your results. The Matrix decompositions feature was not functional in the demo version I tried out, but is just as easy to use in the full version of the program. The program also allows the exporting of results to PDF, Excel Workbook, HTML, CSV, and XML formats.

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